The Rudder: what is it?

A ground-breaking low-tech innovation that revolutionises pedestrian orientation, wherever there’s any possibility of uncertainty.

100% mechanical and devoid of any connection, The Rudder helps anyone, in any context, to find their way around more effectively than any other more conventional device.

By turning with The Rudder, which makes it possible to place your destination at the top of the dial, the place you want to get to will remain in front of you, physically and mentally. Your route becomes much easier to memorise … and to follow. Its maps are clearly well oriented in relation to real space, which makes the experience virtually infallible.

A device that’s valued for its durability, and thus its environmental friendliness, its ease of installation, and for offering a map that’s customised and endlessly renewable in terms of its content, scale and graphics, in accordance with the life of the space, The Rudder faithfully represents the place to its administrators and users.

In cities and towns of all sizes, public transport, train stations and airports, tourist centres, natural and cultural sites, holiday resorts, shopping and leisure centres, theme parks, museums, events and exhibitions and many other locations. Outdoors and indoors: it finds its place everywhere.

The Rudder: patented in France and in around 50 other countries.

The French patent (INPI) and its extensions in more than 50 countries (PCT), all claims retained, testify to the uniqueness and value of The Rudder, which is marketed exclusively via vOOg.

Trials: general public and decision-makers

The Rudder received very positive feedback from the general public in Grenoble (France), during eight months of testing, followed by trials in Brest, Clermont-Ferrand, Puteaux and Issy-les-Moulineaux.

This public enthusiasm was confirmed by experts: it perfectly guided and convinced hundreds of people at the European Mobility Exhibition 2018 and the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales 2018 at Paris Porte de Versailles. The prototype presented was claimed to be THE discovery at these events. Local councillors, community organisations, transport-industry and space-management professionals and the media were unanimous in their praise of the innovation. Sic: ‘This is the classic orientation device of the future.’

People of all generations and backgrounds, from children to the elected representatives of major French cities, were heard to make the same comments, almost universally:

‘It’s crazy! ‘Why hasn’t anyone thought of it before?’

‘Why aren’t they everywhere already?’


‘They need to replace fixed maps!’

‘At least with this, we can find out about and understand what’s around us’

‘Finally, there’s a way of finding my way around without having to bury my head in my smartphone.’

‘We’re fed up with digital innovations that are obsolete after a few months … a practical solution, at last!’ 

The voice of an expert who's impressed with The Rudder: Sonia Lavadinho

A geographer and urban anthropologist, Sonia is an internationally recognised specialist in pedestrian strategy and the walkability of spaces. She works closely with communities and transport operators, in particular to imagine innovative concepts that will increase the ease, pleasure and the space available for walking in everyone’s daily life.

Sonia Lavadinho will assist vOOg and its clients with their projects as part of broader travel strategies.

She shares her perspective on The Rudder in our press kit and in the video on our website.

A strength of The Rudder: the quality of industrialization

The Rudder promises to become a classic orientation device that will fulfil all expectations in terms of its design, robustness, durability and ease of installation and maintenance.

A leading French manufacturer, fully operational and with values that are totally compatible with those of our innovation and its prospects, has joined us in this venture. The process is underway, and a deliverable version is expected to be ready in the second quarter of 2019.

In its new design, The Rudder will offer many customisable options (colours, finishes, etc.).

Cartography: personalisation and development of maps

The Rudder is a unique and fun-to-use object that intrigues and attracts the public and that they clearly enjoy using. Even the device itself will enhance your space and its identity. But to really add value, it needs to have a map that also highlights them.

Our cartographic expertise will allow you to talk about your spaces much better than any other orientation device could do. The Rudder’s cartography: promoting a fully conversant dialogue between the space’s administrators and its users!

Do you need to change the map? Easy!

Logistically and technically, if the map needs to change, an ingenious system of interchangeable capsules makes it possible to reduce call-outs to a few minutes and a few simple tasks with zero risk of errors. The easy procedure for modifying or updating the map appearing in the dial means that The Rudder will continue to be useful over time (transformation of the space or event), adapting itself to the needs of each new development.

10 cartographic agencies committed to our side!

vOOg is associated with 10 French cartographic agencies strongly involved in the service of the rudder in a partnership logic.
All develop complementary skills to offer optimal use of spaces.

Positionnement : rendre l’outil le plus pertinent dans vos espaces

It’s not about adding more devices. Our skills in understanding pedestrian traffic and perspectives on grids or ‘leisure routes’ enable us to assist you in choosing the best location(s) in the service of mobility.

Exhibitions, festivals, events, temporary locations?
The Rudder is 'pluggable'!

In addition to being installable using standard methods for setting up devices in spaces, The Rudder is also compatible with the ‘PLUG’ system, which enables any device to be installed securely and quickly, offering incredible flexibility, either outdoors and indoors.

To find out more:

Approved by major transport operators: Transdev, Keolis and RATP

The Transdev Group, one of the world’s leading public transport companies, operational in 20 countries and on 5 continents, has ranked The Rudder as the most effective solution for pedestrian support around sustainable transport solutions (metro, tram, bus, car-sharing, etc.).

For the occasion, Transdev is widely distributing a video that demonstrates this conviction.

The Keolis and RATP groups are also showing a lot of interest in The Rudder. Various tests are being organised in their territories.

The Rudder by vOOg has won the Auvermoov innovation competition

The Rudder by vOOg was selected from among 21 candidates for the Auvermoov award. Auvermoov: the competition for innovations and solutions that promote sustainable transportation (

A confirmation of the power of simplicity. The Rudder has once again been considered a future classic with undeniable added value: a natural response to a universal need.

In perfect agreement: public acclaim for the device was matched by that of the experts of the Jury.

Purchase or lease, costs and lifespan of the device

The Rudder will be available for sale in the second quarter of 2019, in line with the industrial process mentioned above.

The cost will be linked to a specific scale of prices relating to the lifespan monitoring of the device and potential future maps.

The precise selling price and lifespan of the device will be communicated in May 2019.